Photographer and Creator

Luke Gardner has had a camera to his eye since he was a teenager.  From the hobby, Luke moved onto being a freelance photographer working with local businesses and people.  Taking inspiration from film photography, Luke has created a style that blends well with his client's vision, offering imagery that is unique and captivating.


Luke shoots; landscapes, portraits and lifestyle photos finding the story and purpose behind his imagery.


Within photography, Luke shoots both digital and film to achieve his style.  As well as taking photos, Luke has looked at photos and envisioning them as the beginning of the art piece, often drawing over them and bringing out a more artistic voice within his work. 

Who Luke's worked with

Harrison Rolls-King - Triathlete

Rosie Shaw - Singer/Songwriter

Blue Seventy - Triathlon Brand

Yonda - Triathlon brand

Nelson Coffee Co. - Coffee House

Jeremy Hoye - Jewellery Company

Middle Stone Farm - Luxury Glamping 

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